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Are you struggling to fill your vacancies?

Top candidates have so much choice you are not seeing perhaps you are not seeing the top 15% of staff.

  • Time to hire has increased dramatically, and you are becoming frustrated.
  • It is impossible to plan, and recruiting is left to chance.
  • Your competition is gaining an edge on attracting top talent.

ST Selection Company Focus

Cost effective solutions
Guaranteed rebate period
28 days payment

Why ST Selection?

  • ST Selection will utilise advanced recruitment techniques and technology to target the top 15% of talent to meet your needs, presenting only the best local candidates.
  • Meticulous research, extensive talent banks, and a thorough understanding of the local recruiting landscape.
  • The search will be led by experienced recruiters, ensuring that energy and enthusiasm can be directed to YOUR project.
  • Expert at handling delicate situations and negotiations.
  • We take responsibility to fill your vacancy no matter how specialised.
  • Your company is unique, and your search should be as well.
  • Solutions, not just CV’s. It is giving your vacancy the proper attention it deserves.

Book 30 Minute Strategy Call

Discover how The ST Selection recruitment system will:

  • Dramatically increase the quality of CV’s you receive.
  • Expand and generate more revenue for your business.
  • Build you a high performing Technology team.
  • Add value to your business giving you more return on your investment.
  • Increase your company visibility to attract the best talent.